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Mann's Martial Arts

Most adults never make it to black belt
We've identified the reasons why

and eliminated them

Adults Only

Our goal is  every adult making it to black belt.  In most schools only 1 out of 100 adult beginners makes it to black. Kids are their focus and adults are treated as less important. We will change that.

No Contracts

Contracts can make instructors lazy, because payment is guaranteed, We want you to return to class because we earned it, not because of a contract.  We don't need contracts.

No Uniforms

Wearing uniforms is not mandatory during class. You're welcome to wear them if you like.  Grappling days will require a top, to facilitate the learning of certain chokes and throws.

No Fluff

We've removed the boring martial arts fluff, There's no need to memorize 10 forms, each with 20-50 movements, to become a black belt, nor learn weird stances, or strange blocks.

2 Classes a Week

Adults need fewer classes so it fits within their demanding lifestyle.  We only want to see you twice a week.  Even more amazing, we deliver quicker results than most schools, with less classes

Adult Expectations 

Instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, we put square pegs in square holes.  You won't be expected to do things only kids, or the extremely flexible can.  We are an adult school.

Student Testimonials

“For a year I tried classes elsewhere and I felt I just wasn't getting anywhere. In just a few weeks at Mr. Mann's school I was performing at levels and speeds I never thought possible. This is the school and this is the teacher.”

“He had some of the best class rates of any school, and even better, he was making all of us highly skilled in just months, and all we had to do was attend 2 classes a week.”

“Being older, I figured I was too old for martial arts. Boy was I wrong. We arrived at a fighting style that allowed me to hang in there with the 20 year olds, and showed them an old guy can still whoop some a**.”

“Before taking classes from Grandmaster Mann I tried a well known Taekwondo franchise. They  expected me to do a lot of crazy kicks I couldn't. Grandmaster Mann identified 3 main kicks I could do, and it wasn't long before I was doing them very fast.”

“Tournaments were something I thought I'd never be interested in, and he doesn't really encourage them. After a few months of lessons I decided to try a few, because other students were.  I won 1st place everytime, and so were the others I went with.”

“His humility and speed are amazing. He kept saying "Forget what I can do it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what I can make you do".  And if you follow the plan he's laid out, he'll have you doing it much sooner than you think.”


We lead with speed, Our drills have a proven track record of making hands fast in a short amount of time. This is an area in which we excel.


You'll only do the kicks you can, to the areas you can.  We don't require or demand head high kicks, or aerial kicks, for rank promotion.  We teach adults.

Locks, Chokes & Throws

Throws are often overlooked. We safely teach them with devastation enhancement.  When a  head hits concrete extremely hard, it's game over.

Dirty Fighting Secrets

If they are bigger, stronger, or faster, you need an equalizer. This is where we teach you how to stack the deck and end it fast, so you make it home safely.