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The Why - The core of Mann's Martial Arts is based on addressing one thing, and it's something most schools don't tell students upfront. Across the board, only 2-3% of adult beginners make it to black belt, and that's a documented statistic dating back to the 60's done by Black Belt Magazine. 

The How - If something has a high failure rate and you want a different result, you obviously have to use different methods. Bring enthusiasm, excitement, and positive energy to every class. Provide detailed explanations about concepts, drills, what if's, every aspect of what they're doing, so they deeply understand why it's taught. Encourage an environment of interaction so everyone helps each other become better and reach their goals, that way they all rise to the top "leaving no man behind", and in the process all become martial arts leaders. Create realistic adult expectations, and individually tailor them if need be. Streamline what's taught by focusing on fewer punches (just 5) and fewer kicks (just 5). For kicks, if they can't kick to the head, let them just kick to the stomach, and if they can't kick to the stomach, let them kick to the legs. If there's certain kicks they physically can't do, they won't be part of their rank requirements. There will be no jumping or aerial kicks to prevent damaging aging adult bodies. Make all 3600 seconds of each class count, and the majority of that time about developing speed, because that's what really matters. Only offer 2 classes per week. Do more punches and kicks in 1 day than most schools do in a week. Deliver noticeable results quicker than other schools. 

The What - Mann's Martial Arts is a mixture of various styles and influences, yet individually adaptable. To some it may seem like kickboxing, yet adds grappling, combatives, and dirty fighting. It's designed to give adults every possible tool it takes to end a street confrontation quickly and decisively. Survival is infinitely more important than trophies, especially for adults, yet many schools don't train that way. Training will cover 2 types of proficiency, short term proficiency via a devastating and complete self-defense system that students can become highly skilled at in months, and long term proficiency via a kickboxing format should a confrontation turn into a fight.

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Mann's Martial Arts | 10675 E. Northwest Hwy., Ste. 2600, Dallas, TX., 75238 | | 214-579-4682