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The Colorful Journey

Making it to Black Belt

Encouraging Quotes

By Erik Mann posted June 20, 2017

Here's a quote I like "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you", and becoming a black belt will change you. The journey to black belt is an ongoing battle and transformation of your mind, body, and spirit.  Each whispering countless times to you along the way, throw in the towel. You have to ignore that and forge ahead.  Perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit are the keys.  Learn to embrace it when those traits are challenged, realizing each time you get past it, you're forging them into the characteristics of a black belt.  I found certain encouraging quotes to be a refreshing reminder of what's being created.  Here's some of them . The character traits that are being strengthened will serve you well throughout life. Embrace the challenge, realize it's much deeper than the physical, and never give-up.

School Checklist

By Erik Mann, posted June 25, 2017

This will be the first of several articles related to finding the right school.  It's very easy to pick the wrong school when you're trying to pick the right one. I've seen it countless times. There are many things that need to come together in harmony for you to succeed - the martial arts style, the owner, the business aspects, the other instructors, even how higher ranked students are allowed to treat you.  Yet when most students call they ask just 3 things - price, location and class times...there's so much more you need to know.  My hope is that you look deeper into it and make all the right choices. That way you don't try some random school and give-up on the martial arts forever.  Like any relationship, if there are too many things that aren't a good fit for you, it probably won't last long  Find the style, the school, the business aspects, the instructor, and environment that makes you want to keep doing it.  Here's a checklist I hope helps with your search.

Karate Contracts

By Erik Mann, posted June 26, 2017

Let's touch upon how the dirty business side of training really isn't for your benefit, and is often hiding something terribly wrong about the selection you're considering. First, keep in mind that 97% of adult beginners will not reach black belt.  That in itself should be reason enough not to sign a contract. Let's say you do, and in a few weeks or months you're not seeing any improvement in your skills. Would you rather leave cleanly or keep making 3 digit payments each month while sitting at home?  One of the slick tricks schools often use when you object to signing a contract is spinning it so it's all about you.  Here's one 'the contract is to help you reach your goal of becoming a black belt". Contracts for martial arts training are completely one-sided.  It's about you making monthly payments, whether or not you're seeing any results, and whether or not you like how they're treating you.  It's like the health club business model, the 80% or more that pay never show-up, and they're actually the ones keeping the doors open.  That's great for the club but not for those who sign. Here's an article that goes deeper into why they want you to sign a contract and why you should always refuse.

How to Choose

By Erik Mann, posted June 26, 2017

The checklist article covered specific questions to ask schools that interest you. This article is a precursor to that, narrowing down those 100+ Dallas martial arts schools, to the ones you want to check out. From my years in the martial arts, I'd say in the typical U.S. city less than 20% of all schools create extremely high quality black belts. Those schools will likely be spread out geographically, and the really good ones, may not even be close to your home or work, Some may not have the class days or times you want. If you really want to become a great martial artist, forget about whose close, cheap, and fits your schedule. That's the wrong way to choose.  Here's an article you should read.

Your Skills Expiration Date

By Erik Mann, posted June 26, 2017
Many things we buy have expiration dates.  It seems what some schools teach may also.  As a beginner you'll probably look around at some point and ask yourself "where's all the older students or older blackbelts this school created?"  Here's an article you should read to understand why they're not around.

The TV Workout

By Erik Mann, posted June 26, 2017

People sometimes say there's no time to workout.  Yet they seem to have plenty of time to watch TV.  Well if you have time to watch TV you have time to workout.  Here's a way to do both and not miss a second of your favorite shows.

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