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Adults over 30 - It's not too late!

Our goal is to make the dream of becoming a quality black belt a reality for adults, no matter their age or physical condition. We work with adults of all ages, and excel where many other schools fail, having established a successful track record with adults over 30 yrs old, and even those over 50 yrs old!

I often wonder how many adults never got to take martial arts as kids, but wanted too? Maybe their parents wouldn't let them, couldn't afford it, they were involved in other activities, or they thought they could do it sometime after they turned 18 years old. Or maybe some people took martial arts when they were a kid, quit before becoming a black belt, promising themselves they would pick it back up later. Yet once we reach the age of 18 life hits us like a brickwall, certain dreams get put on the back burner, and we have to focus on becoming serious and responsible adults. After 18 we're either working and beginning our career, going to college, spending time with our significant other, starting a family, or maybe even some combination of all that. Its easy with all that going on to get side-tracked or procrastinate, thinking year-after-year "Maybe I'll try martial arts next year".

Next thing you know one year turns into the next, 5-20 yrs can go by in the blink of an eye, because our work/career became too demanding, as did raising our family, we constantly feel exhausted, all the while thinking "someday things will slow down and i'll do it". Then sometime after 30 yrs old, once the kids are older and don't require as much of our time, and you've established your career and things slow down, you're watching a martial arts movie one day and that distant thought of being a martial artist comes back for a moment. Yet its easy while watching that movie for negative thoughts to pop-up that you're too old to do the unrealistic things shown, and that you're too out-of-shape. And then there are those who might take it one step further, by going and looking at a convenient local school that mostly teaches kids, and that incorrectly tries to make adults your age do jump kicks 4 feet off the ground, along with head high kicks, causing you to think "there's no way I can do that stuff at my age".

We'll guess what? You're right! Those over 30 yrs old don't have to do head-high kicks, nor jump 4 feet off the ground! Why try to kick a person in the head when its easier to punch him in the head and kick him in the ribs, stomach, groin, knees, or shins? As for age, the average age in our school is 35 yrs old! Show me another school that has an average student age that high! We have numerous students over 40 yrs old who never did martial arts before, who were out of shape when they started, didn't think they could do it, but now are able to do incredible things they thought were a distant regret.

Life is too short to let regrets stack up! The dream is still possible, all you have to do is find the right kind of school/instructor, one that understands the differences of training adults in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and yes, even 50's!

Some of you might be thinking "yeah, but I just don't have the time to do it". Come on, we can all find 2 hrs/wk to do something, if we really want too!

If you can devote 2 hrs a week to coming too class (6-7PM on Mon & Wed), then we can make that childhood dream a reality!

Decide right now that you are going to stop procrastinating, stop making excuses, and that you refuse to live a life of regret. We're only here once, so why not blow-it-out, do-it-all, and achieve everything you've ever dreamed! All you have to do is make a commitment that you are going to do this for 2 hrs/wk no-matter-what.

Reach over right now and pick-up the phone to call us and schedule an introductory appointment.

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