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Martial Arts
for Adults

No Contracts & Fast Results

Nationwide Statistics

50% of beginners quit their 1st month and 90% by their 12th. Even worse, most beginners try just one school and never try another. Our articles section was designed to make students aware of everything that effects their success. Our hope is that whomever and whatever they choose, they get it right the first time, so they don't quit the martial arts forever.


Dallas Martial Arts for Adults


We lead with speed. Our drills have a proven track record of making hands fast in a short amount of time. This is an area in which we excel.

Dallas Martial Arts for Adults


You'll only do the kicks you can, where you can. We don't require or demand head high kicks, or aerial kicks, for rank promotion. 

Dallas Martial Arts for Adults

Locks, Chokes & Throws

You'll learn locks, chokes, throws and escapes.  Even more important, you'll learn all the fouls, and how to end the grappling game.

Dallas Martial Arts for Adults

Dirty Fighting + Combatives

If they are bigger, faster, stronger. or younger, you need an equalizer.  So we teach how to end it fast. This too is an area in which we excel.

  • No Contracts - Dallas martial arts schools often demand contracts. Yet guaranteed money can make owners lazy, We want you to return to class because we earned that, not because of a contract.ow!
  • 2 Classes a Week - Our curriculum and workout format was designed to be adaptive for constantly changing adult lifestyles. When followed those routines can easily fit anyone's current lifestyle. ow!
  • Adult Expectations - You won't be expected to do things only kids, gymnasts, or the extremely flexible can. Our Dallas martial arts school was created for adults, and so were our expectations.
  • Faster Results - Speed is what matters most in a striking art.  Most Dallas martial arts schools deliver speed in years, we have a proven history of delivering it in months. You'll learn how to become faster sooner. 

Mann's Martial Arts
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